Real-Time Connectivity Meets Tool Monitoring with Adaptive Control

November 14, 2013 – Caron Engineering is aligning with Memex Automation in a partnership that links the former’s Tool Monitoring Adaptive Control package with the latter’s real-time machine connectivity and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics.  The new allies stated that, together, they will provide manufacturing plants “unprecedented outside-in and inside-out control of machine tool productivity.”

They added that their customers would be able to optimize productivity by 10-50% and increase profits by 20% or more.

Memex Automation develops real-time shop-floor information programs, and its flagship manufacturing execution system, called MERLIN, delivers OEE results in real time.

Caron Engineering Inc. develops and assembles automation packages for tool monitoring, adaptive control, laser tool setting and machine tool probing.

Caron’s Tool Monitor Adaptive Control (TMAC) system protects CNC machines from wear or damage during production, and collects useful information about the cutting process. In that way it helps to reduce the cost of replacement tools, lost production, and rejected parts by measuring tool wear in real time.

While the tool monitoring function determines when tools are worn or broken and protects the machine and tools from damage, all with real-time data reporting, the adaptive control function automatically adjusts feedrates for each tool, to maintain constant horsepower in the cut with no need for manual adjustment, so the tool always cuts at its optimal horsepower.

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